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FSE Listings Inc is proud to announce the addition of Llew Watkins and Watkins World Wide LLC to the company’s family of partners and global affiliations for listing firms on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange

June 15th 2011 FSE Listings Inc is proud to announce the addition of Llew Watkins and Watkins World Wide LLC to the company’s family of partners and global affiliations for listing firms on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. The distribution agreement and affiliated website and allow for Watkins World Wide to represent our services within the United States and globally, excluding regions designated to other partners exclusively. “Upon discussions with Mr. Watkins, we came to many of the same conclusions, that several of the listing firms try to go around their partners or don’t complete promises, we excel in meeting client commitments and have put our best foot forward will Llew, in addition, Llew has shown that he is a great committed candidate to every client he has introduced. It is a proud moment for FSE Listings Inc to have him and his firm as part of our team in the US.” Robert Russell, FSE Listings Inc About Llew Watkins In 2006 Watkins WorldWide, LLC was founded, which provides private and public business planning and consulting services for its corporate clientele seeking capital and equity financing through a public offering and exchange listings. Llewellyn R. Watkins has owned, funded, operated private and public several companies in the mining, technology and manufacturing sectors and is a leader in the field of business consulting for private companies seeking capital and listing on major domestic and international exchanges ( OTCBB, FrankFurt, TSX, HKE ) and has been involved in over 500 transactions. About FSE Listings Inc Why Use FSE Listings Inc to List on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange The FSE Listings Inc Group is the leading listing firm for the Frankfurt Stock Exchange listings and the recognized leader bar-none over any other firm for non-German Companies. With offices in Spain, UK, South Africa, Guatemala, Mexico, Canada, the USA, Netherlands, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Philippines, Thailand, Mozambique, and Ireland. Many firms have in-house law firms, which increase your cost of listing and hender your process, FSE Listings Inc utilizes the best and quickest law firms, listing partners, designated sponsors, and local service providers. By going with our firm, you get all of the best professionals as a one-stop service agreement. , and

Frankfurt Shell For Sale 80K Euro UK PLC

A newly formed Frankfurt Shell for 80k Euro, UK PLC, market maker fees paid, only requirement is the new market rules as of May 23 2011, for the deposit of shares and setting up of an account to trade shares based on the continuous trading rules. We can assist with this. Lets be honest, a company takes 3-5 weeks to list on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange with and only costs 60k euro. No percentages, no hidden fees, that is our cost to build a shell for your firm. Anyone who sells a shell over 80k euro is taking a huge profit and advantage of the fact that you don’t know the costs of listing a firm. It is not a complicated process. Most of our clients come to us to buy our shells, and end up listing a firm. The reason is that any take over of a public company requires due diligence, transfer agent assistance, confirmation of your Directors IDs and suitability for anti-money laundering laws, setting up the new share or member registry, resolutions to approve all of the above. This generally takes 3 weeks to complete to 4 weeks if you consider the time to open a trading account and depositing shares to meet the new rules. Therefore, you can buy a shell for 80k euro and completely own in in 3-4 weeks, or list a new one for 60k, the way you want in the same timeframe. We can do both for you and would be happy to assist at FSE Listings Inc. Our main sales agents include, Robert Russell, Mark Bragg, Ryan Gibson, Llew Watkins, and Brandon Gibson. If you run into anyone else claiming to be FSE Listings, please let us know, as there have been a few copy-cats as of lately in the industry claiming to be us. The difference is, we are cheaper, we don’t take any percentages of your business, money goes in escrow…

FSE Listings: Bridge Capital and Incubator System for Companies Looking To List On The Frankfurt Stock Exchange by Robert Russell

FSE Listings Inc is the leading listing company for foreign firms looking to go public and raise capital through the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. ( We are proud to announce the best go public process in the World, which outlines the best way to raise capital, control your firm, go public, and build a lasting and stable company without the hassle of any interence from vulture “bridge capital” firms. What is a vulture “bridge capital firm”, a firm purporting to be experts in merger law or associates of lawyers without licenses to do Law or venture vultures who are go public people but empty their stock into your market before getting completely financed. Truly FSE Listings Inc is the leading knowledge base with over 1,000 articles on Frankfurt Listings published online, and the largest database of templates for merger law, governance, company formation, financing, and best practices for business. We can get you listed fast without you having to put up the funds by simply teaching you how to raise the funds and building the company and structure for you to do it with! Our rules are simple: We build a company for you to raise capital into and do not ask you for a percent One the funds are raised in the Company our listing fees are extracted The only cost you are responsible for is a nominal incorporation fee and preparation of documentation We supply pre-listing commitments for financing from our roadshow brokers, capital partners, and Venture Capitalists for ammunition to make it easy for you to find Bridge capital We structure the company, subscription agreements, accounts, transfer agent, and all required documentation to prepare for the public listing and give ammunition and support for you to be able to get the Bridge Capital you require All we need to start is a consulting agreement signed with the terms as described above If you want to go public, need to raise capital, and do not know where to start, then FSE Listings Inc can help you break through the barrier and slump you may be experiencing for raising capital… and give you the commitments and tools you have been looking for to succeed. No other firm in the world offers the comprehensive set of tools, structures, templates, financing, and listing capabilities as FSE Listings Inc. Contact us today for more information about taking your firm public! We can teach you how to raise the capital and get listed, we can list your firm with the fast track listing in 3-6 weeks, we can supply capital partners who can commit $1 million to $500 million in financing. You don’t need to go anywhere else! Highlights: We don’t ask for any percentages of the company We teach you how to make your business successful We find financing the builds a stable company We don’t ask for shares, no one will from our firm our partners unless they are paid for You can list and have full control of your firm without vulture’s as partners Why go to anyone else? Please call us if you are looking, references available, call the CEO’s of companies we have helped! FSE Listings Inc is run by Robert Russell, Ryan Gibson, Mark Bragg, and Brandon Gibson. FSE Listings Inc is the only firm that lists companies on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange that has a reputation for its honesty in dealings, disclosing the positives and negatives of any one deal, and finding the best financing options for your firm. Contact FSE Listings at or call +442032867779 to have us best advise you on listing your firm and going public. If you want to list your firm, please include: Company Name Contact Name Contact Number Contact Email Amount of Capital invested to date Amount of Capital required Reasons for wanting to list Description of Business Website if available

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