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A newly formed Frankfurt Shell for 80k Euro, UK PLC, market maker fees paid, only requirement is the new market rules as of May 23 2011, for the deposit of shares and setting up of an account to trade shares based on the continuous trading rules. We can assist with this.

Lets be honest, a company takes 3-5 weeks to list on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange with and only costs 60k euro. No percentages, no hidden fees, that is our cost to build a shell for your firm. Anyone who sells a shell over 80k euro is taking a huge profit and advantage of the fact that you don’t know the costs of listing a firm. It is not a complicated process. Most of our clients come to us to buy our shells, and end up listing a firm. The reason is that any take over of a public company requires due diligence, transfer agent assistance, confirmation of your Directors IDs and suitability for anti-money laundering laws, setting up the new share or member registry, resolutions to approve all of the above. This generally takes 3 weeks to complete to 4 weeks if you consider the time to open a trading account and depositing shares to meet the new rules. Therefore, you can buy a shell for 80k euro and completely own in in 3-4 weeks, or list a new one for 60k, the way you want in the same timeframe.

We can do both for you and would be happy to assist at FSE Listings Inc. Our main sales agents include, Robert Russell, Mark Bragg, Ryan Gibson, Llew Watkins, and Brandon Gibson. If you run into anyone else claiming to be FSE Listings, please let us know, as there have been a few copy-cats as of lately in the industry claiming to be us. The difference is, we are cheaper, we don’t take any percentages of your business, money goes in escrow…

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