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Who is Berlin Stock Exchange Listings ?

Our firms BSE Listings and FSE Listings are the leading listing consortium of foreign companies onto German Exchanges outside of Germany having operated in the field of finance for over 30 years and with over 1,000 listings in our consortium. Our firm is best known for being the leader in Frankfurt Stock Exchange Listings and Berlin Stock Exchange Listings attached to financing of the company through equity or bond placements through a licensed broker dealer.

Our services include as part of the IFXBG mark:

–          Listing companies on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (over 1,000 listings)

–          Listing companies on the Berlin Stock Exchange

–          Listing companies on the PLUS Markets UK

–          Listing companies on the GXG Markets UK

–          Listing companies on the TSX markets (TMX)

–          Listing companies on the CNSX (Canadian Stock Exchange)

–          Listing companies on the OTCBB and NASDAQ

As a cross sectional comparison of all of our services and listings we provide the most affordable and effective listings on a recognized stock exchange with active investors in Frankfurt, Berlin, and in the UK PLUS markets.

Berlin Stock Exchange Listings delivers fast a public company listing with a clean new structure for your private company looking to go public and or dual listings onto the Berlin Stock Exchange of existing public companies.

Berlin Stock Exchange Listings provide a third party valuation of the assets of the private company going public in Germany for the market maker approvals and qualification for financing.

Berlin Stock Exchange Listings can develop a business expose, prospectus, information memorandum, or offering memorandum where necessary as a service to the client.

Berlin Stock Exchange Listings provides marketing and public relations to attract sophisticated and qualified investors through a sophisticated investor registry.

Berlin Stock Exchange Listings provides mergers and acquisitions services which include, analyzing the share value of your firm and the addition of the merging firm, identifying and qualifying merger candidates, financing the merger through a leveraged buy-out using the Bonds and Debt financing.

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