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The partners of IFXBG and the consortium of Stock Exchange Listings Inc within the New York Stock Exchange Marche Libre have completed the largest number of listings and IPOs within this market successfully. Although the exchange has under 500 main listings, our partner IFUNDX is connected to one of the leading investment banks on the mid cap segment in France, first initiator over the past years on Euronext and Alternext with over 50 IPOs and one of the prominent actors in M&A with over 100 operations on the SME segment (takeover, merger, fund raising, capital increase, bond issue, LBO).

NYSE Euronext is one of the leading financial market operators in the world, with exchanges in the United States and Europe: the New York Stock Exchange, NYSE Euronext, NYSE Amex and NYSE Alternext. It is suggested that the NYSE Euronext Marche Libre market is the top market in Europe for Small to Medium Enterprise Stock Exchange Listings. NYSE has raised more money and done more trading than the GXG Markets, however, the NYSE Euronext is easier to list and takes less time than the GXG markets which has become complicated taking 2-3 months to list, the NYSE Euronext only takes 6-8 weeks. The AIM market does not have the same volume for small businesses as it does for firms that interest institutional investors, and thus a listing on the NYSE has more retail volume, mainly because of the ease for investors to trade the shares in Europe and in America. The platform of the NYSE is as accessible as a local OTC or NASDAQ market for American markets, and a local market to European Capital markets, being an accepted platform for pension funds and individual investors alike in both markets. Unlocking the key to the investors depends on who you choose as your sponsor broker and who you work with. There are many Swiss and British firms that consult within this field, but as a leader in listing firms and introductions to financing, the team at Stock Exchange Listings, is the leader in introductions and pulling multiple institutions together in France for the listing and road show for raising the full capacity of Funds for your firm.

These exchanges cater to companies of all sizes and from all sectors. Handling over one-third of global transaction volumes, “NYSE Euronext is the world’s most liquid stock exchange group.” From the outset of their listing, companies benefit from access to a secure market, state-of-the-art technology, the broadest investor base in the world and made-to-measure advice. By far in comparison to the US OTCBB, Frankfurt, AIM, the NYSE is the giant in this market and it is easier than even the most relaxed stock exchanges like the Danish GXG market.

Stock Exchange Listings through partners within the Euronext markets offers listed companies high valued-added advice on how to raise financing on the financial markets. As a foreign listing of your firm on a stock exchange, there are many reasons to consider the ease of listing on the NYSE Euronext.

The NYSE Euronext is better than the US OTCBB for listing and taking a company public for many reasons for:
•Access to immediate capital in the public listing process
•Access to the largest volume market as the most liquid stock exchange group
•No need of a prospectus or S1 in the listing process, where OTCBB requires an S1
•The listing process is only 6-8 weeks on the NYSE Euronext
•Phenomenal name association with some of the top companies in the World listed on the same exchange are your SME
•Sophisticated trading system, globally recognized by top firms and clearing companies for brokers to trade with ease
•No Sarbanes Oxley
•No restricted stock, all shares are free trading
•Not regulated by the SEC, it is self-regulated
•No revenue requirement
•No minimum shareholders
•No DTC issues, shares are depository receipts with local France custodian transfer agents for a fee
•Minimal ongoing costs and reporting
•Listing costs comparable if not cheaper than the OTCBB when the entire process is compared

For a free report, comparison or discussion on the NYSE Euronext Market listings and whether your firm could qualify for listing contact our Listing Specialist at The leader in stock exchange listings platforms and admissions globally!

Our firm is directly related to one of the top IPOs on the NYSE Euronext Marche Libre from Asia. Leading Countries from around the World choose the Marche libre NYSE Euronext Free Market as the place to list their firm. NYSE Listings of Chinese firms, NYSE listing of African firms, NYSE Listings of US Companies, NYSE listing of Canadian companies, NYSE listings of UK companies, and many more markets. All of whom have raised more capital on the IPO process as an SME exchange than any other OTC Market for the IPO process. NYSE in our opinion is the global leader for IPO capital raised for an OTC market, bypassing all other markets in Europe for the capital raised.

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The Free Markets target local companies of which our team at Stock Exchange Listings will assist in building and structuring your firm into that would like to finance the next phase of your development and benefit from the reputation bestowed on public companies, without having to satisfy all the requirements associated with a listing on the Regulated Markets. Where GXG markets require IFRS, the NYSE Euronext Market does not.

Approximately 10 percent of all companies listed on the Free Market in Paris have pursued a listing on another market at a later stage. Consider this when choosing who you list with, as Stock Exchange Listings can move your firm from NYSE Euronext Marche Libre, to Alternext, and onwards to NYSE Mainboard or other major markets globally. Stock Exchange Listings public company listing specialist will describe a complete system and process to your company like no other service provider in the market. Our checklists, issuer questionnaires, and manuals serve as the leading tools for listing companies quickly and effectively and following the entire process through online.

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