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AIM Listings in London

AIM Shell Companies for Sale

Stock Exchange Listings currently has AIM listed companies for sale for reverse merger and acquisition. If you are looking to list on the AIM markets quickly, and have adequate funding, purchasing an existing AIM company is one of the quickest ways to get listed on the Exchange.

Our legal team within London and respected NOMADs will require your firm to send a summary of business and the name of the Directors looking to acquire the AIM before any information is shared. After the due diligence on your offering, the structure of the company, name, and cost for acquisition will be sent to your firm.

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If you are looking to raise capital on the AIM markets, than you should consider new listing on the market.

London AIM Market

Our firm has worked with NOMADs on the London AIM Markets since 2000, specializing in listing Canadian, US, UK, South African, and Asian companies onto the London Markets. On average, African companies have typically chose the AIM and NYSE Euronext for IPO listings of mineral assets and the US and Canada have typically listed as part of a European expansion strategy and to raise additional capital.

The London AIM Market has listed over 3,100 AIM stock exchange listings and raised over £67 billion through new and subsequent capital raises. The AIM market is an ideal funding environment for SMEs globally, as they develop their business plans.

Where the NYSE Euronext Marche Libre is a leading firm in volume and listing capital raised for the OTC Market Companies, the London Stock Exchange is for mid-tier firms, where by capital can be raised for established existing firms. Companies in 2009 alone raised over £4.7 billion which remains strong amongst the internationally focused investor community in London today who continue to invest in the capital markets of London. Where other markets like the GXG have failed to raise capital in the UK for SMEs, the London Stock Exchange and AIM market remain the leaders.

The AIM market is one of the best positioned systems for raising capital and listing within London and Europe, tailored for growing companies. Although companies do not require a trading record, or size restructions, and no level of prescribed shares in the public hands, generally speaking, NOMADs who are the sponsor brokers require minimum capitalizations in cash of 150,000 to 200,000 GBP of which require to be put into the company to start the listing process, the remainder of the capital raised is done by a broker sponsorered offering and underwritten by the NOMAD introduced by

Over 20% of the AIM markets companies are incorporated overseas, however, many of the listed firms are UK Holding companies of foreign projects which exceeds over 30% of the market. The unique global market penetration brings investors from Asia, America, Europe, Latin America, and the Gulf Countries. An exceeding large number of firms and investors from around the work have financed firms in over 40 different sectors. Stock Exchange Listings, can assist with AIM Market listings, with the key and leading market players from accountants, attorneys, advisors of which we are registered to be and partner NOMADs for sponsoring the listing on the Exchange.

We can register your firm’s ISIN and incorporation with the London Stock Exchange in 24 hours and start your process to listing on the AIM markets.

Why list on the AIM Markets?
•London Stock Exchange raises billions of pounds sterling per annum with access to global markets and investors in a highly respected liquid market
•With our valuation team, NOMADs, and advisors, your firm will gain a higher value and increase the attractiveness to investors, employees, and potential acquisitions
•British and global public profile, stemming from increased press coverage, analysts’ reports, and roadshows, including some of the largest capital conferences in the World for foreign companies to access global investment
•London AIM market listings enhanve the profile of the company globally with suppliers, providers, and clients
•The regulatory market of the AIM is one of the most respected in the World enabling the large capital investment designed to assist the needs of small growing companies while offering investors a safe environment to invest in, unlike OTC markets such as GXG, institutional investors trust the AIM markets
•Contact our firm for free qualification of your firm for the AIM markets.
•The London Aim Stock Listing Rules are more stringent than other OTC Markets such as the NYSE Euronext or GXG, and require, audited financials, 10% shares to be in public hands, disclosure rather than prior approval regime, prospectus documents to be filed, vetted admission documents through a NOMAD as the only method of being sponsored and listed, listing timeframes that take a minimum of 3 months, upward of 6 months. A NOMAD is required at all times.
•The London Stock Exchange listing process with Stock Exchange Listings requires initially:
•A discussion and meeting with your firm to ensure you are qualified and prepared with documentation to begin the process of going public on the AIM markets
•A Checklist which requires filling to meet the NOMADs requirements and to ensure the parts of the corporate structure are in place
•Writing of the documentation for the NOMAD to easily produce the Prospectus documents with the Legal and Corporate Advisors
•Accounting review and preparation of the financial documentation for entry into the prospectus document, including full disclosure of all material contracts and assets and verification
•A third party valuation of the Company based upon all of the information gathered during the listing process
•A step by step manual and process for piecing together a variety of appendix documents to form the final admissions documents to the NOMAD for admission to the Exchange
•Final sponsorship reviews with the Exchange and NOMAD

There is no other advisors globally that have put together a team and consortium for capital raising, listing, and for mergers of shells and acquisitions on the AIM markets like our firm. Contact today for your consultation and begin the process with the best team in the market.

In addition, if you have shares for sale or are trying to deposit shares on the AIM market, go to or contact and ask about depositing AIM shares for trading.

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