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Having personally reviewed all 62 companies listed on the GXG Market, and having listed and filed or worked with over 25% of the exchange, IFXBG Limited is one of the foremost experts on the GXG Markets. (PDF Of GXG UK Post: GXG Markets List 62 Companies

The reality is a stock exchange listing on the UK Markets is a global opportunity. We have seen firms listed within:

– Film Funding and Entertainment
– Software/Mobile Applications
– Transport
– Gold Mining
– Oil and Gas
– Alternative Energy
– Telecommunications
– Investment and Financial Services
– Medical Devices and Systems/Health
– Industrial Corporations
– Land and Real Estate (REIT)
– Gambling
– Bonds and Debt Financing

The GXG Listings are diverse and from several Countries. Some of the Countries that have listed on the GXG Markets include:

– UK GXG exchange listings
– Canada GXG exchange listings
– US GXG exchange listings
– Bulgaria exchange listings
– British Virgin Island exchange listings
– Greece GXG exchange listings
– China GXG exchange listings
– South Africa GXG exchange listings
– Ireland GXG exchange listings
– Swedish GXG exchange listings
– Denmark GXG exchange listings
– USA GXG exchange listings
– UAE GXG exchange listings
– Australian GXG exchange listings
– New Zealand GXG exchange listings
– Germany GXG exchange listings

IFXBG and Partners

IFXBG Limited can assist firms to set-up their share structure on the GXG Stock Exchange, commence trading, enable market making services and utilize one of the leading stock trading platforms in the World for trading “GXG Market” shares for global citizens, including Canadians and Americans.
¦Assists your company in achieving your goals for international exposure and trading
¦We provide a new market solution for clients; focused on growth companies
¦Assists companies at the seed capital, pre-IPO & IPO growth stages of their development
¦Access to brokers and professional and private investors
¦Access to international investors (UK, Germany, Australia, Asia, Africa, US, Canada)
¦Cost effective public quotation for your company going public
¦A fully functional brokerage trading platform for shareholders to lodge and trade GXG shares (Residual, CREST, Euroclear, Clearstream)
¦A fully functional Registrar for the UK and European Markets
¦Experts and available legal services for prospectus writing, Information and Investment Memorandums, Offering Memorandums, Filings, and Corporate Secretary Services

IFXBG Limited has listed over 20% of the GXG Markets. If you are going to list with the leader of the GXG Markets, you should contact IFXBG can list your firm in 10 days on the OTC Markets.

The GXG Markets

A European Regulated market under the supervision of the Danish Supervisory Authorities
Offering a multi-tier market; Regulated, Multilateral Trading Facility (MTF) and First-Quote/OTC.
Lean, simple and adapted admission process
Proprietary trading system with automatic matching of bids to deals
50+ broker firm connected to the trading system
Connected market data vendors distributing prices and news (Bloomberg, Thomson Reuters, ProInvestor, etc.)
GXG Markets website presenting company data and prices
Possibility to be quoted in different currencies

The best chance of success on the GXG Markets is with IFXBG Limited! Contact

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