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Berlin Stock Exchange is one of the fastest growing stock markets in Europe and has an over 50% equity based platform with a strong focus on foreign companies, which is important for new companies looking to list on a stock exchange. 

Even during difficult times in 2011, the BSE had a total turnover of 47.7 billion Euro and 6.9 million trades. Within both market venues (Xontro and Equiduct) having an increase of 308% over 2010.

The German speaking euro-economic market has long been a focus of BSE Listings and FSE Listings for new clients looking for an introduction to a whole new market, primarily Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Liechtenstein. This market consists of over 100 million people, and remains the fastest growing highest income per head market in the EU, as well as the most affluent retail and institutional investors in European Stock Exchange.

The growing liquidity in the Berlin Stock Exchange creates a very appealing market for firms looking to list in Europe on a Stock Exchange. Equiduct market has established itself as one of the fastest growing trading venues in Europe as trades rose in 2011 to 6.7 million from 1.1 million in 2010 (a six fold increase).

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