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How best to qualify for 5 million euro in financing with your Frankfurt Stock Exchange Listings

Many firms ask what is the best way to qualify for 5 million euro in financing on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, it’s actually much easier than you think.

  1. List with a reputable firm like FSE Listings Inc, work with either Robert Russell or one of the 30 member partners who have been referred by Robert within your region
  2. Work with a third party valuation company recommended by FSE Listings who is registered with a large EU Bank or Central Bank that is certified to give opinions on valuations, not just an accountant or arbitrary legal opinion by some small Frankurt listings law oriented firm or small US or German law firms – BANK BACKED OPINIONS GET YOU MONEY AND CREDIBILITY!
  3. Prepare all of the documentation so that all documents, contracts, investments, and transactions can be reviewed at a later date for building a prospectus

These three principles will allow you to qualify for Bond financing for up to 5 million euro or private placement offerings of 5 million euro and possibly more.

Bond Creation for 5 million euro via your Frankfurt Stock Exchange Listings

Before listing, your firm can know if it qualifies for the financing by contacting FSE Listings Inc and filling in all the required documents of a new client for listing and creation of bonds.  By emailing and simply informing them you are interested in the financing, they will over a 5 day period confirm your corporate structure, plan, goals, cashflow, and business model with an insurance firm and third party valuation company. If qualified, a firm can list with the confidence of getting financed!

Private Placements and Investor Awareness of 5 million euro for your Frankfurt Listing

With the third party valuation, the proper structure, and guidance of a registered broker dealer, a firm will have all the information necessary to produce a prospectus. With investor relations, media, and broker support, firms can offer shares which enable financing after listing on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. It is very important that you work with a team specializing in sophisticated investors interested in your target market.  Financing your firm will be within your control as either direct or broker based financing is enabled through the web, roadshows, media, public relations, and full use of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange website’s tools.

Don’t let the consultants dilute your firm, talk to us first!

Firstly we don’t take a percentage of your firm.

If you are working with a consultant that wants to take a percentage of your firm, talk to us first. They limit your growth because most financers and investors when reviewing your structure will likely not want to invest knowing the promoters have managed to leech shares from your structure without the proper hold-up or restrictions in place for your business plan to materialize. In addition, they will likely advise you that they can get a 50-100 million euro market cap for your firm… but you may be worth more. In addition, they hide the value of the shares because their listing fees are minimal, but they make millions off your naïve experience. Why let their bad advice block the potential market cap that your firm deserves based on third party valuations from other EU Banks or parties certified by a Bank, and a team who works for you as a paid for service consultant versus an unwanted partner?

Most going public firms will cap your market capitalization at 100 million issued and outstanding shares, but these firms usually don’t take careful consideration of what the real value of your firm is, often undervaluing your assets making it more difficult for you to issue shares later.

Go with the leaders in structure – FSE Listings Inc and our Valuation Team registered by an EU Bank!

To start your Frankfurt Listings and see if you qualify for the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and Bonds, you should

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