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Financial Services Industry IPOs and Listings on Frankfurt Topping the Charts

The financial services industry has been successfully listing, financing, and building companies on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange for several years, as one of the most popular sectors in the Market. This month, Prime Office Reit AG listed, along with Ban Corp Holdings PLC. ADC African Development Corporation and African Opportunities Investment Capital Limited reflect the growing penetration of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange into South Africa’s financial markets, and Africa in general in the diversified financial sector. Challenging the Johannesburg Stock Exchange hold on African companies as they seek effective ways of gaining foreign investment from Germany and abroad. There have been several firms in addition listing in the financial services sector in Real Estate, Reits, Diversified Financial sectors, Private Equity and Venture Capital.

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Here is a comprehensive list of Financial Sector Companies on the Regulated Market:

Company             Symbol

Open Unregulated Market Financial Services

The Benefits are clear:

The Process of Success by FSE Listings Inc:

  1. Listing your company only costs 60,000 euro to a maximum of 120,000 euro including IR campaigns for 1 year (not three months)
  2. You own 100% of the company when you list yourself
  3. If you can’t afford 60,000 euro, you should not be considering going public as you will not be able to afford staying public. Why build a company for everyone else to profit from, holding you hostage because you simply couldn’t afford 60k euro. The long term it will cost you time, money, reputation, and your company.

If you can raise your own capital of 60,000 euro to go public, you get the funds from the money raising on the stock market, you keep control of your business, you can get more money per share value because you will have a stable market!

You don’t know how to best raise money for your firm?

FSE Listings Inc has one of the best systems for training companies how to raise the initial start-up capital for their firm. As professionals in the field for over 30 years, we can build your structure, documents, and make pre-public financing commitments that do not ask for a % of your firm, but simply use common business sense for businesses looking for venture capital.

FSE Listings Inc is run by Robert Russell and Mark Bragg. FSE Listings Inc is the only firm that lists companies on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange that has a reputation for its honesty in dealings, disclosing the positives and negatives of any one deal, and finding the best financing options for your firm.

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