BSE Listings: Berlin Stock Exchange Listings is part of the International Financial Exchange and Banking Group - UK FSA Registered Broker Dealer Professional Robert Russell says Listing on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange Costs from 60,000 to 80,000 euro

FSE Listings offers no risk options as the first firm to offer escrow services to their clients so that no funds are released until listing and the listing is Guaranteed! Or you can list on a pay as you go process starting at only 20k Euro!

List your company Fast with FSE Listings! The shortest listing completed by FSE was 10 days! However we generally quote between 3-6 weeks. Within the companies listed in 2011, none of the listings took longer than 5 weeks!

A listing through includes all of the required components to list your firm:

–          A European Holding Company incorporated and structured for public listing

–          ISIN Registration

–          Corporate Health Check fees

–          Enablement for electronic trading on the Frankfurt Xetra

–          A European Transfer Agent and Registrar (respected by the exchange)

–          A FSE Listings Designated Sponsor and Market Maker

–          A registered auditor and accountants for Capital Equity Confirmation registered with the AIM and PLUS Markets as a Financial Advisor (respected by the exchange)

–          Articles and Documentation for mergers, share issuances, and addition of Directors as a Best Business Practices guide for running your public vehicle

–          Business Plan/Expose preparation

–          Third Party Valuations by a European Valuation expert respected by Banks and Exchanges

–          Press Release announcing your company’s Frankfurt Stock Exchange approval

FSE Listings Inc guarantees the success of your listing!

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