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Algeria – Listing Algerian firms on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange requires the establishment of either a subsidiary to list the assets of the firm or a holding company within Europe. The structure and process takes 3-6 weeks to list the firm. Financing can be organized up to $500 million for the right projects via Investments in the hydrocarbon sector are governed by the 1986 Law Governing Activities of Exploration, Exploitation, and Pipeline Transportation of Hydrocarbons, and subsequent amendments. The 1986 law allowed foreign companies to enter joint-venture partnerships with the state hydrocarbon company Sonatrach, and remain in a minority position. The 1986 law has was amended in December 1991 to allow foreign companies to take up to a 49% share in production of existing oil fields. It also allows foreign participation in natural gas exploration, and provides extra tax incentives to stimulate hydrocarbon exploration. In 2006, helium production in Algeria accounted for about 13% of total world output. Hydrocarbons produced in Algeria accounted for about 2.9% of total world natural gas output and about 2.2% of total world crude oil output in 2006. Algeria held about 21% of total world identified resources of helium, 2.5% of total world natural gas reserves, and about 1% of total world crude oil reserves.

Resources include Gold, Lead, Silver, Zinc, Helium, Natural Gas, Petroleum, iron ore, phosphate, mercury, and zinc and other trace sample minerals.

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