BSE Listings: Berlin Stock Exchange Listings is part of the International Financial Exchange and Banking Group - UK FSA Registered Broker Dealer

FSE Listings Inc and Partners have over 20 years of experience in listing firms on stock exchanges, with over 10 years of experience within the Frankfurt Stock Exchange Market

We can supply pre-public financing commitments for equity investments between $1 million and $100 million through Deutsche Capital Partners (an FSE Listings Inc. Partner). Higher commitments can be made on valuation of the business.

In addition, our roadshows include a targeted breakdown of your industry and the individual market makers and investment banking firms that work within this sector. A series of meetings are then set-up generally within Germany, Switzerland, and elsewhere as it may apply to your firm. The market activity expected from Roadshows often compliment the pre-public commitments for financing.

FSE Listings Inc listed a firm on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange within 14 days, making FSE Listings the fastest listing team within the Frankfurt market to date.

Our focus on the preparation of documents, secretarial services, designated sponsor, transfer agent, third party valuations, access to our corporate auditors and auditing team, and the full package nature of our listings places us ahead of any listing agency that we have come across.

All content without our website is proprietary content, or that of our partners, and supplies an outlook of what is required, what we can offer, and the direction the industry is moving in.

We highly recommend you review and print the blogs, in addition, engage in discussions with our firm before discussing terms with any other firm. You will find our terms very favourable, of which payment starts at 15k.

Our payment plans include:

The fastest way to list is the full upfront payment, as we then do not have to stagger the process in stages that can occur simultaneously.

FSE Listings is the first firm to offer escrow in this format for firms to mitigate their risks and concerns, however, we have a 100% listing record.

If you have any further questions, I suggest contacting us, anyone who Googles FSE Listings Inc will easily see we are the leading firm in this field. We invite you to contact us for a free consultation. We will even send you the require documents and develop a financing plan prior to signing.

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