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The Frankfurt Stock Exchange now requires that an Auditor or Chartered Accountant confirms the shareholder equity of the firm before listing. The Shareholder Equity must exceed 500,000 euro and have a par value over 0.10 euro per share.

There are many ways to structure your firm from the beginning to meet this requirement:

All of the methods need to have value which equals shares and has over a 0.10 euro value.

The best way to do this is to build a holding company, and vend the assets, debts, and or cash directly into the holding company. The Auditor therefore has a clean firm with very few transactions to verify, thus keeping the total additional cost below 5k euro.

Our firm has registered CPAs and Auditors who can confirm the shareholder equity of your company on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. In addition, we build firms from the very beginning, including all of the Secretary work to complete the transaction.

Contact us so that you can list in less than 3-6weeks or at least maintain the listing you may already have!

In addition, we can finance existing public firms on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and Private firms from 1 million to 100 million euro. Private firms must commit to listing.

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