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Why Are Frankfurt Shells Increasing In Price? FSE group of shells and consortium explains

  1. The new regulations adapted February 14th 2011 have made it more difficult for firms to list or will delist many firms that don’t meet the 500k euro requirement or 0.10 euro per share minimum.
  2. The acquisition discussions between Germany’s Deutsche Boerse to acquire the NYSE-Euronext would make the Frankfurt Stock Exchange listings part of the largest private equity exchange in the world.
  3. Many of the firms have not been able to list companies on the exchange in a timely fashion, the only listing agent for companies outside of Germany that have been extremely successful in listing firms in a timely fashion is FSE Listings Inc LCF Capital Partners, and & which are the leaders in the Go Public group of domains and the FSE group of listing companies.

Therefore, the sudden decline in available shells, the cost of listing, and increased value of the capital markets have increased the value and cost of a shell. Frankfurt Shells now sell at 150,000 euro per shell.

The alternative is building the company from scratch in 3-6 weeks. As mentioned in number 3, the 3 firms suggested would make ideal listing agents.

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