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Common false assumptions about the Frankfurt Stock Exchange

That there is a lot of naked short selling in Frankfurt: In a landmark decision favouring public companies, naked short selling was banned in Germany in June 2010. Therefore there is no naked short selling, its banned.

That a prospectus is required: In the Frankfurt First Quotation Board, no prospectus is required.

That an audit is required: In the Frankfurt First Quotation Board, no audit is required.

That there is no liquidity: Frankfurt is the most liquid market in the world next to NYSE and NASDAQ. With the acquisition of the NYSE, it would be the largest and most liquid exchange in the world with 40% of the world’s equity markets. The most liquidity a listing can find!

Doesn`t going public take months: Listing on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange takes 3-6 weeks. FSE Listings Inc is the fastest listing agent, with several listings within 2010 that were done in 10 days! With an average of 2-3 weeks. Going public could not be faster!

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