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Qualifications and Requirements for Listing on the Berlin Stock Exchange

The Berlin Stock Exchange qualifications and requirements are relatively relaxed in comparison to other markets. In addition, an advantage over the Frankfurt Stock Exchange is that there is not an ongoing fee or obligation, which means it’s a less costly exchange year on year.

Berlin Stock Exchange Listings assist and require the listing company to:

–          Prepare an application with information about the name and address of the issuer, the security class, ISIN or security code number, a short description of the type of business

–          Prepare a Business Plan

–          Prepare a professional website

–          Prepare a description document of the holding company, subsidiaries, and business activities

–          Prepare Management Accounts prepared for the main company and subsidiaries

–          Prepare all resolutions, contracts, and agreements for due diligence review

–          Prepare a third party valuation (if elected by the client)

–          Confirm the minimum nominal volume of share issue of at least 250,000 Euro

–          Confirm the prospective market value of the capital available to the market shall not be less than 1.5 million Euro

–          Confirm a 20% free-flow of the shares issued with a sufficient spread amongst holders

–          Prepare the Directors and Management for a telephone interview by the Exchange Listings department

Once the documents are prepared and the company is ready to be submitted, it takes 3 weeks for the Berlin Stock Exchange to review the file.

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