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FSE Listings: Why list on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange with FSE Listings and Issue Bonds versus working with Equity Placement firms, Equity Lines or Equity Capital Partners

FSE Listings: Why list on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange with FSE Listings and Issue Bonds versus working with Equity Placement firms, Equity Lines or Equity Capital Partners Initially one needs to understand the cost to a company of taking shareholder equity. By committing to Equity Placement firms and or Equity Line holders shares of the firm, you are giving them a direct claim to your firms profits proportionate to their investment and holding of your firm. Therefore, you as a company need to consider: The Real Cost Of Money – The cost of issuing shares is higher in the long-term than that of developing a debt instrument such as a bond. For example, the limitation of a Bond with a 10% yield, a shareholder is limitless based on a portion ownership of your firms growth. A Bond may be over 5 years, and the capital invested increases your capacity by 50%, so the funds in place are justifiable for the coupon payment of 10%. After 5 years, your firm earns all the profits of the decision made. With shares and shareholders, as long as there are shareholders, they have a right to the profits of the company ongoing. Often companies underestimate the real costs to gain the shareholders, which are in short the immediate and ongoing cost of legal, accounting, financial advisory, governance and corporate professionals such as brokers, bankers, and sponsors. In the current markets, these costs can absorb up to 50% of funds raised in an IPO, and sometimes they are costs that exceed the capital raised directly related to their services. Often, after the exercise of writing a prospectus and preparing your firm to raise capital, the capital raising in the private equity market depends on your ability to help raise money and pay attention to the shareholders and potential investors to gain the investment. The time consuming exercise deteriorates even some of the strongest businesses as the focus is on capital and not the company management and profitability during that timeframe. This is a high cost. Loss of Control – The Company loses control to make decisions as it is required to consult with the shareholders of the Company. This is a difficult choice for entrepreneurs, and it is even more difficult when trying to set the today value of the dreams, aspirations, and blue sky of a firm to an investor. Often private equity involves losing more control than debt of the operations and decision making of a company. Downward Pressure on the firm’s value – Go public and merger law related firms, or firms who offer equity lines of credit, convertible debentures, and private placement services at a discount of your share price create pressure on your stock and companies value. Especially the Bridge Loan programs for listing on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, whereby they take their 5% of the shares and sell them into the market or at a discount to shareholders who liquidate based on emotion as they have no relationship with your firm and its success. Equity line firms strive on being issued shares for no upfront cash over a 15 day period or more so that they can sell shares into your market pushing down the stock value and bid so they can make more profit, of up to 50-90% in some cases. These PIPEs, Debt Financing, and special purpose private equity placements are toxic to companies who want to raise additional capital as their company value is driven down to pennies and control is ultimately diluted both in voting power and in their ability to raise and attract interest of capital. Beware of the equity partners and capital firms who offer Equity Lines, Private Placement, Bridge Capital, and Financing options prelisting of your firm. The most illiquid moment of a company is prelisting, and therefore, the owner of such a document actually has control of your firm before giving you a dime. The ability to apply pressure to anyone’s share price in our opinion is the ability to control someones firm. Bridge Loan (Sharks) and joker brokers who assist firms who do not have the 60k euro to list on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange prey on unsuspecting firms for their 5%+ of your deal and reputation to take advantage of your firm once it is listed. Don’t fall into the penny stock pump and dump scenario by avoiding these kinds of partners from the beginning. In addition, these firms may disguise their tactics by promising stock promotions of which you will be able to liquidate your shares and or your shareholders will be able to liquidate their shares into a vibrant market. We receive 5-10 phone calls per week from these types of stock promoter and bridge capital firms who are trying to sell their shares privately and exit the company. Their interest is not in your firm or your share price, its exiting their position. Be vigilant about who you choose as your partners, and before you choose anyone, get the advice of FSE Listings Inc as to their professional reputation by contacting Effects on the Balance Sheet and Financials Dividends are paid from after-tax earnings, bond payments and interest payments are tax deductible. This affects the relative costs to the company of financing by issuing interest-based securities and financing through ordinary shares. Everyone always thinks about listing a firm and raising private equity capital, however, public company shares are just the ability to offer shares and liquidate shares in a public arena. Thus, it gives a cash flow value to the shares of the company. Unlike private company shares that generally have no cash flow value. By listing your firm on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, your shares have cash value to insurance firms and debtors, who will develop a corporate securitized bond collateralized by the cash flow and assets of the company. The Benefits of the Bond and Frankfurt Listing: No loss of control Interest and Coupon Payments that are tax deductible, not from after tax earnings Limiting the claim to the companies prosperity

FSE Listings Inc launches new ShareVision Report for clients to be able to identify shareholder

FSE Listings Inc launches new ShareVision Report for clients to be able to identify shareholder remuneration and gain interest from FSE’s $100 billion fund network and Roadshows! This new service is applicable to Banks, Fortune 500 companies all the way to the common small business with cash flow. FSE Listings Inc’s with a private growth professional consortium assist in the valuation and key services to FSE clients which want to gain exposure to a USD 100 Billion funding network in order to raise the profile of the companies. Our consortium consultants have advised clients valued at over $120 billion, providing key services as well as working closely with select high-net worth private clients. FSE Listings Inc does not just list firms onto the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, our Private Growth consortium provides valuable insight and research into the industries and companies we work with to give share value and share vision for shared results to the members of your firm. In today’s economy, a financial audit is a 1 dimensional perspective of a firms potential performance. When we audit a firms performance, the value is in the Brand, the Business Growth and stages of development, the Directors and Management creativity or leadership, staff moral and motivation or productivity, the competition, and the bottomline. What can the ShareVision analysis do for your firm, ask CEO’s that have worked with our partners: “Your circle is invaluable and should be compulsory for all executives of companies who genuinely want to take their business to the next level” “We (major public company) found ShareVision very helpful and would like to use your services going forward” CEO (multi-national firm) “Your services are very professional.” The ShareVision process is the most complete analysis available on the market of the internal share value of a company, and the most reliable report one can achieve for valuation of a firm and projections for finding funding and building the business. Sharevision works for existing public companies, the top 500 biggest firms in your Country to any public company in general. The reality is, we have taken over 30 years of valuations services to large corporations, utilized by Blue Chip firms for billions of dollars in financing and enabled a low cost entry level for new and current Frankfurt Listings to take advantage of. Our Private Growth partners have worked with Banks, Marinas, Hotels, Energy Companies, Construction firms, National Companies, Public Companies, and private firms. Our report is unlike any other service, it doesn’t compete with current consultants within the Go Public market, it compliments their services and recommends how to best take advantage by a 360 degree review of the firm. The scope is to independently and confidentially assess the  shareholder wealth created by existing corporate advisors, management, and other value contributors into a bankable report. By recognizing how shareholder value directly affects renumeration, a strategy and direction can be put in place to guarantee insurable returns on investment and encourage a network of over $100 billion in funds to look at your business. What if your firm doesn’t qualify, the point of the report is to fine tune the business so it can qualify for financing or point out the strength’s where the firm does qualify and can take advantage of growth. Corporate advisors need to maintain their independence and objectivity, they are not capable of preparing the true ShareVision report of which a firm such as our consortium is capable of. Our objective second opinion is also a report that can be revised to encourage the public and your shareholders. In summary, our experts will assist with: Valuing your company (true worth, not distorted by various market perceptions) Increasing your company’s share value and share price Increasing sustainable earnings Increasing brand value Providing greater performance flexibility for directors and management Increasing staff moral, motivation, and productivity Prioritizing projects, acquisitions, strategies by greatest increase in sustainable earnings and share price Justifying benefits of additional or reduced loans, by assessing the optimal loan amount to leverage company performance and valuations (without destroying earnings sustainability, pricing competitiveness and company value. This may be leveraging the FSE Listings Bond services and other sources. Attracting private equity funds by offering potential investors an independent assessment of company value and future earnings and share price performance FSE Listings Inc is a full service global consulting firm specializing in listing companies, analyzing companies, public relations, mergers and acquisitions, financing, and growth of public and private firms. If you are interested in a ShareVision process and promotion to our fund network of $100 billion, contact us today and we will begin the orientation for free. Many firms will pay in access of 50,000 euro’s to gain exposure on the private growth network of over $100 billion in funds, however, we can gain access for firms who work through FSE Listings Inc for much less than half what the fortune 500 firms are charged because you are valued client of the FSE Listings. Contact us today so we can assess if your firm qualifies for access to the Private Growth network and FSE Listings Consortium. For listing clients, we have now been able to package the world’s most complete list of services offered to companies looking to list on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, raise capital, and increase share value: Creation of the holding company ShareVision Report Creation of Corporate Bonds Insurance of Corporate Bonds Listing the Holding Company on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange in 3-6 weeks Investor Relations and Press on major market websites in German and English Financing within 60-90 days of listing for qualified firms Contact, the leaders in listing firms and consulting for maximum share value of your firm! We guarantee our results!

NASDAQ Listings versus Frankfurt Stock Exchange Listings Costs

The NASDAQ listings cost between 1.2 to 1.5 million USD for IPO listings on average and are equally as expensive per annum, at least $400-$500k on companies with multiple transactions. Listing on Frankfurt: – no audit – no reporting rules – no insider trading rules – no restrictions on insiders If you have cashflow, a company can get 1-5 million euro fast in and it has no shares to sell related to it. If its a start up company you can generally get $1-$10 million in private placements over a 12 month period, shares restriced for 12 months if you want to . From the point of view of what FSE Listings Inc has to over, we can list firms in 3-6 weeks on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange from submission, we keep the costs to a minimum, 60k euro, and we can introduce up to 5 million euro first round financing for firms that qualify. The Frankfurt listing doesn’t have the on going costs of Audits, Legal opinions and bills, disclosures, filings, and reporting that the other exchanges have. Most exchanges are not making it easier for small businesses, their idea of quality companies are those that can pay large bills and yearly fees, there is no interest in quality small businesses on the other exchanges. The Frankfurt Stock Exchange is the most friendly market in the World for new businesses and existing businesses looking to raise capital. In addition, once listed on the FSE, one can always dual list, cross list, or relist on the AIM, OTCBB, TSX,ASX, JSE, etc. As a consultancy, FSE Listings Inc provides training to clients, coaches clients, and works with them for years not months. We are available for questions at +19146133889 or FSE Listings Inc guarantees the success of your listing!

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