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FSE Listings: Professionals Robert Russell, Mr. Gibson and Mark Bragg Announce FSE Listings as the Number 1 Firm For Listing companies on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange Fast

March 18th 2011 (Global) Professionals Robert Russell, Mr. Gibson and Mark Bragg Announce FSE Listings as the Number 1 Firm For Listing companies on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange Fast as they listed a firm in less than2 weeks. No other listing firm has been able to compete with the professional preparation of documents, incorporation, listing procedures and processes as the team from FSE Listings Inc,

“There are a lot of firms that try to duplicate and imitate FSE Listings, even recently a firm bought a domain like ours… but they charge more than us and they don’t list you as fast. They often ask for a percentage of your firm, we do not. If you want to list your firm fast and affordably make sure you are dealing with Mr. Robert Russell, Mr. Gibson, or myself, the real FSE Listings Inc.” Mark Bragg, Co-Founder FSE Listings Inc,

FSE Listings Inc is one of the first listing firms to offer escrow of payment a no risk option combined with a guarantee, which currently has been quoted at around 60,000 euro`s including all of these bundled services:

–          A European Holding Company incorporated and structured for public listing

–          ISIN Registration

–          Corporate Health Check fees

–          Enablement for electronic trading on the Frankfurt Xetra

–          A FSE Listings Designated Sponsor and Market Maker

–          Articles and Documentation for mergers, share issuances, and addition of Directors as a Best Business Practices guide for running your public vehicle

–          Business Plan/Expose preparation

–          Third Party Valuations by a European Valuation expert respected by Banks and Exchanges

–          Press Release announcing your company’s Frankfurt Stock Exchange approval

*Access to a European Transfer Agent and Registrar (respected by the exchange)

*Access to a registered auditor and accountants for Capital Equity Confirmation registered with the AIM and PLUS Markets as a Financial Advisor (respected by the exchange)

About FSE Listings Inc

FSE Listings Inc is run by a team of global professionals from South Africa, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Malaysia, Thailand, Canada, India, China, Russia, Ukraine, Brazil, the US, New Zealand, Australia, and Latin America. FSE Listings Inc has the largest network of sales agents and professionals of any FSE Listings agency. Several firms try to imitate FSE Listings, some may refer to themselves as FSE Group, FSE Listings, or FSE Merger Law, etc, the real FSE Listings Inc is managed by Mr. Gibson, Robert Russell, Mark Bragg, and their European counter parts. All of the listings are done directly through FSE Listings Inc with no middleman, no hidden fees, no extra costs, no percentages of the company, and the Listing is guaranteed for those who follow the procedure of FSE Listings! Since 2000, we have been listing and financing firms on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange as FSE Listings. We are the only FSE Listing firm you require.

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