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Frankfurt Stock Exchange Requirements May Have Just Made It Easier To List!

For the last 5 years of listing firms on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange clients were required to have a capital-in of 250,000 euro. Even if clients had spent 100,000,000 euro on the company, unless the capital in component in cash was available, they couldn’t be accepted without a prospectus. The new regulations passed on February 14th 2011 changed this requirement from 250,000 euro capital in to 500,000 euro shareholder equity. Thus, an asset with a value over 500,000 euro vended into a company for shares, as long as the share value is higher than 0.10 euro, would qualify. This new requirement enables FSE Listings Inc. to list firms in 3-6 weeks that have: An asset worth over 500,000 euro A firm delisted from another exchange or that is private and has taken in capital that gives it a value over 500,000 euro Our team has the specialized documents required specifically to complete the transaction of incorporating, issuing the shares, completing the transaction to ensure the value is legal to provide the auditor letter to list and meet the new rules. This is generally done through a Holding Company from Europe. Our 100% listed track record is enabled by the team of Lawyers who have built the specialized system for purchasing and vending in the assets. In addition, our company can engage in the role of Secretary to ensure a clean listing that meets the Registrar’s requirements for electronic trading eligibility. If you want to list your firm in the next 3-6 weeks and have over 500k euro in assets, the cost of listing has just dropped drastically and the timeframe as well! Please contact

FSE Listings: The Rubbish Resource, Waste-to-Energy, and a new face on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, Greenwave Bio Limited (3G0)

For the most part, several decades ago the burning of garbage was banned due to the NIMBA (not in my backyard) nature of the concept. However, processing the waste and burning it as fuel has turned billions of tons of garbage and waste globally into a multi-billion dollar resource for bio-fuels and alternative energy. It has been scientifically documented that 1 ton of waste processed and turned to fuel, such as through burning produces CO2, however, less negative gases are released from burning than if the waste were to sit in a landfill emitting methane gases from decomposition into open-air. In fact, it’s 32% more harmful to the environment sitting in the landfills, and 100% less useful than turning it into the much needed energy source globally. In fact, having overfilled local landfill capacities in many of the developed world nations is having a devastating effect on many of the developing countries where refuse is now being exported to. As many of the existing ecosystems and rainforests are within the water systems of these countries throughout the world, the impact is local and international as far as global warming is concerned. A listed firm on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, Greenwave Bio Limited has coined the phrase the Rubbish Resource as they explore new ways of recycling waste by generating electricity from landfill waste and pollution, in addition to or producing a combustible fuel commodity, such as methane, methanol, ethanol, or synthetic fuels. The rubbish resource is only going to expand in developing countries, such as Africa, Central and South America. Greenwave Bio currently is organizing the waste deposit site and permitting to build such a plant in Central America, with special interest in expanding through-out Panama, Honduras, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Brazil, Mexico, El Salvador, Belize, and Costa Rica. Expansion into developing countries appears to be an ideal strategy with little to no competition, strong requirements for energy, and the developed nations shipping the resource into their backyard. What was a major problem for these developing countries is now a pile of gold. Waste-to-Energy is a renewable energy based upon combustion creating CO2, and the biomass burned or utilized being regrown to consume the CO2. In addition, nearly all biodegradable waste is biomass. That is, it has biological origin. This material has been formed by plants using atmospheric CO2 typically within the last growing season. If these plants are regrown the CO2 emitted from their combustion will be taken out from the atmosphere once more. Greenwave Bio has also been exploring the opportunity to reforest within the regions of operation to counter any effects of potential CO2. Biomass is considered to be carbon-neutral since the CO2 liberated from the combustion of biomass is recycled in plants. The biomass fraction has a monetary value under multiple greenhouse gas protocols, such as the European Union Emissions Trading Scheme and the Renewable Obligation Certificate program in the United Kingdom. In Countries such as South Africa, analysis from Frost & Sullivan (, stated South African Waste-to-Energy Market, finds that the market earned revenues of $65.2 million in 2007 and estimates to achieve a compound annual growth rate of 10.5 per cent between 2007 and 2014. The proximity of Central and South America to the USA could prove to be a drastically larger market aside from their own domestic production of garbage resources. According to a new report from Pike Research entitled “Waste-to-Energy Technology Markets”, worldwide revenues from WTE systems will enter a period of strong growth by 2012, increasing from $3.7 billion in 2010 to nearly $13.6 billion by 2016. “Waste-to-energy plants serve an important dual purpose,” says Pike Research president Clint Wheelock. “They help alleviate the growing municipal solid waste problem, while simultaneously providing much-needed renewable energy and heat sources to local populations. Energy from waste contributes to energy security and diversification, and matches the growing demand for renewable energy in a carbon constrained world.” Today, more than 900 thermal WTE plants operate around the world and treat an estimated 0.2 billion tons of MSW with an output of approximately 130 terawatt hours (TWh) of electricity. It is important to note, 3 Billion tons of waste are dumped to open air or disposed of improperly every year. This is a high cost to governments, citizens, companies, and our future. With technology that can convert the waste into energy, the rubbish becomes a massive resource that can fuel positive energy into our future. Instead of being the leading producers of methane gas for global warming, we can harness the same negative outcomes and turn it into positive green energy. Data from the United Nation’s Human Development Index and the Earth Trends database was used to arrive at an estimate of how much waste is produced in 173 countries and how much fuel the same countries annually require. The research team has calculated that 82.93 billion liters of cellulosic ethanol can be produced by the available landfill waste in the world and the resulting biofuel can reduce global carbon emissions in the range of 29.2% to 86.1% for every unit of energy produced. Roughly 505.7 million barrels of biofuel. That is a massive resource. This doesn’t take into consideration the other combustible fuel potential and positive by-products. All market indicators point to positive outcomes globally for firms within this sector. As a follower of newly listed firms and mergers on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, we are happy to profile the advancement of Greenwave Bio Limited into this field. Greenwave Bio Limited is incorporated in England and Wales, established to be the holding company for its Central and South American Bio Fuel technology rights and prospective projects. The firm has secured the rights to commercialize Waste to Energy technology within Central and South America, with special interest in Panama, Honduras, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Brazil, Mexico, El Salvador, Belize, and Costa Rica. The company is admitted for trading on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange with the following searchable information, ISIN GB00B688NW04, WKN A1CTRX, symbol 3G0 and the corporate website of

Frankfurt Stock Exchange Listings: Why list on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange?

Frankfurt Stock Exchange Listings: Why list on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange? More Frankfurt Stock Exchange Listings than all the other exchanges in the world accept NYSE and NASDAQ, the current merger would increase that to the largest in the world No restrictions on shares, even for officers and insiders, thus ALL SHARES are free-trading. The marketing of shares and companies in Germany are allowed within the rules of BAFIN, which is a much more relaxed regulatory structure from the perspective the onus is on the investor and not as much the Issuer A prospectus is not required, and the minimum capital-in is only 500,000 euro There are no minimum percentage of free float shareholders An audit is not required on the First Quoation Board, and financials are only management prepared There is no Sarbanes-Oxley like the OTCBB or NASDAQ There are no regulatory approvals for news and acquisitions like the TSX or ASX, thus you can operate your mergers efficiently without delay The number of retail and instituitional investors within the exchange make it more liquid than all exchanges in the world, especially with the NYSE merger, with the exception of NASDAQ and NYSE at present Naked short selling is BANNED Listing a company can occur in 3-6 weeks, making it the fastest exchange to list on than any other public listing on an exchange On going costs are minimal, 5k euro per annum, with no quarterly requirements or costly exchange fees such as those at the OTCBB, TSX Venture, Hong Kong, BSE or ASX exchanges Companies can act as their own underwriter, thus public offerings can be done on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange without the cost of an underwriter Frankfurt is eligible for many countries retirement contributions, such as RRSP accounts in Canada, and it is one of the most respected stock exchanges in the world. Access to Capital: Investors with the acquisition of the NYSE would make up 40% of the world’s equity market. The Deutsche Boerse website is one of the highest traffic websites for exchanges, with an audience of 120 million investor viewers! No lock-up period required under German law No disclosure of major holdings’ capital movements required in the Entry Standard XETRA®– the electronic trading system of Deutsche Börse is a pioneer in Europe 254 international trading institutions admitted – more than 4,600 traders in 19 countries interlinked in a virtual listing and trading world More than 550 Depository programs and 9,000 shares from countries around the world are listed and traded on Deutsche Börse Contact to reach the world’s recognized leader in listing firms on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, the FSE Listings Consortium.

Why Use FSE Listings Inc to List on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange

Why Use FSE Listings Inc to List on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange The FSE Listings Inc Group is the leading listing firm for the Frankfurt Stock Exchange listings and the recognized leader bar-none over any other firm for non-German Companies. With offices in Spain, UK, South Africa, Guatemala, Mexico, Canada, the USA, Netherlands, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Philippines, Thailand, Mozambique, and Ireland. Many firms have in-house law firms, which increase your cost of listing and hender your process, FSE Listings Inc utilizes the best and quickest law firms, listing partners, designated sponsors, and local service providers. By going with our firm, you get all of the best professionals as a one-stop service agreement. FSE Listings offers no risk options as the first firm to offer escrow services to their clients so that no funds are released until listing and the listing is Guaranteed! Or you can list on a pay as you go process starting at only 15k Euro! FSE Listings is the fastest listing agent! The shortest listing completed by FSE was 10 days! However we generally quote between 3-6 weeks. Within the last 30 companies listed within 2011, none of the listings took longer than 5 weeks! FSE Listings has the longest track record in the world for listing foreign companies on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange with our main Director was a listing partner of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and has been in the Listings business in Germany for 15 years and has extensive experience in trading Frankfurt, UK, U.S., and Canadian securities, international finance and corporate IR/PR campaigns. No other firm in the listing business has this many years experience. FSE Listings Inc is well positioned within Germany as its German based Director lead a team of brokers and agents as a partner of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange through Berliner Freiverkehr AG. Freiverkehr was one of the leading independent “Freimakler” or market makers in Germany and specialized in making markets for international equities in the free market. Freiverkehr listed over 2000 foreign equities on the Berlin and Frankfurt Stock Exchange. The lead in your listing and point of contact will be this Director! FSE Listings Inc guarantees the success of your listing! Our fees are paid into an escrow account, and released upon the listing. FSE Listings Inc is the first firm ever to offer this on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. Every listing is always successful, however we remove the risk! We remain with a perfect track record having never had a listing denied! FSE Listings Inc has a team of knowledgeable staff and companies whom we work with who remain the top registrars, transfer agents, brokers, IR and Promotional experts on the German Stock Exchange. We help you avoid the mistakes many listings agents and companies make, combining over 60 years of experience in listing on our team. FSE Listings Inc averages 2 listings per month, which equates to roughly 10% of the new Frankfurt stock exchange listings per month. Sometimes we list more, with no failures to date! FSE Listings Inc partners for investor relations have handled 30 of the top 50 DAX listed firms, and specialize in full service investor relations and PR. In addition, FSE Listings offers extensive public relations and investor roadshow programs that extend over 6 months to 1 year. We can even train in-house staff and provide lead generation for retail investors. FSE Listings Inc is bar-none the fastest listing partner or all other listing partners in the business. Do you want to put us to the test… our fastest listing was 10 days! No firm can show the incorporation documents and listing acceptance document to prove this type of timeframe. We are the undisputed champion of listing Frankfurt companies faster than anyone else! FSE Listings Inc has no hidden costs, no percentages of the company asked for, the fee is the quoted amount with no additional costs or fees. Everything included! When we provide a listing fee quote and requirements, this includes incorporation costs, market maker (designated sponsor), registrar or transfer agent, investment banker, legal documentation, secretary up to the time of listing, etc. FSE Listings Inc has one of the best reputations for listing due to the use of the top experts in listing who have been involved with listing more firms than any other team. Some have tried to copy our website content, but no one can copy our experience, speed to list, and consortium of market makers, designated sponsors, lawyers, registrars, Banks, and listing partners. FSE Listings Inc is one of the highest searched and sought after service providers on the internet with over 200,000 individuals and firms per month reading the advice and articles written by the FSE Listings Inc team. As an expert in the field, many other providers come to FSE Listings when they need advice or assistance in finalizing their PR campaigns, getting quoted, clearing their shares, or changing corporate information… because we are the leader in the field. FSE Listings Inc has accrued a qualified investor database of over 100,000 UK residents and 300,000 German residents as followers of listings, requested information on new listings, and part of the UK and German based newsletter. Several members of the investor registry are shareholders in listed FSE firms. With a global newsletter reach of 2.1 million. FSE Listings Inc has been involved with setting up stock exchanges globally and building platforms for compliance purposes. It is a well known fact that the Xetra electronic trading platform of which all of our listings include is one of the best platforms in the world for continuous trading. The Director of our FSE Listings partner firm for Public Relations has raised over 100 billion euro in IPOs and listings. Our seasoned group of roadshow professionals and funding partners is only deliverable to clients of FSE Listings Inc. List with our firm to access the specialists. FSE Listings Inc also owns, where from time to time we post new available shells. We have several shells available from

Why Are Frankfurt Shells Increasing In Price? FSE group of shells and consortium explains

Why Are Frankfurt Shells Increasing In Price? FSE group of shells and consortium explains The new regulations adapted February 14th 2011 have made it more difficult for firms to list or will delist many firms that don’t meet the 500k euro requirement or 0.10 euro per share minimum. The acquisition discussions between Germany’s Deutsche Boerse to acquire the NYSE-Euronext would make the Frankfurt Stock Exchange listings part of the largest private equity exchange in the world. Many of the firms have not been able to list companies on the exchange in a timely fashion, the only listing agent for companies outside of Germany that have been extremely successful in listing firms in a timely fashion is FSE Listings Inc LCF Capital Partners, and & which are the leaders in the Go Public group of domains and the FSE group of listing companies. Therefore, the sudden decline in available shells, the cost of listing, and increased value of the capital markets have increased the value and cost of a shell. Frankfurt Shells now sell at 150,000 euro per shell. The alternative is building the company from scratch in 3-6 weeks. As mentioned in number 3, the 3 firms suggested would make ideal listing agents.

Common false assumptions about the Frankfurt Stock Exchange

Common false assumptions about the Frankfurt Stock Exchange That there is a lot of naked short selling in Frankfurt: In a landmark decision favouring public companies, naked short selling was banned in Germany in June 2010. Therefore there is no naked short selling, its banned. That a prospectus is required: In the Frankfurt First Quotation Board, no prospectus is required. That an audit is required: In the Frankfurt First Quotation Board, no audit is required. That there is no liquidity: Frankfurt is the most liquid market in the world next to NYSE and NASDAQ. With the acquisition of the NYSE, it would be the largest and most liquid exchange in the world with 40% of the world’s equity markets. The most liquidity a listing can find! Doesn`t going public take months: Listing on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange takes 3-6 weeks. FSE Listings Inc is the fastest listing agent, with several listings within 2010 that were done in 10 days! With an average of 2-3 weeks. Going public could not be faster! Contact FSE Listings at to start now. Become listed in 3-6 weeks.

Can Social Media Be an Effective Tool for my Public Company?

(From the following original post: Unless you have just decided to bury your head in the sand, you know there is huge potential with implementing a social media strategy for your organization. Several questions always arise: How do we implement it effectively? Which platforms should we use? How do we track it? Should we do it ourselves or hire a company? How should we deal with negative or misleading comments on social media platforms? There are real business answers to these questions and applications that can solve all of these issues. Let’s start first with what social media actually is in terms of a tool in the marketplace and its potential for your organization. Maybe one of the biggest misconceptions of social media as a whole is that it is a marketing tool first and foremost. If this is your approach it will not be an effective tool for you and your public company. Social Media gives your company the opportunity to have real time conversations about your company and its brand with the thousands of people who might already be talking about your company. These two way communications start by listening first and talking second. Social Media in the public company space provides a new portal for word of mouth marketing and developing a community of your current and potential shareholders. It is a way to cultivate new relationships with shareholders and is a way to get introduced to fund managers, investment managers, investment bankers and analysts. Cultivating relationships with shareholders and potential investors is achieved by encouraging them to join in on the conversations, contributing relevant content and creating an avenue for two way dialogue. Just like any good marketing plan, you first need to asses where you are and what strategies and tools you need to assemble in order to get where you want to go. Five processes you will need to have in place in order to get started are: Assessment Before launching into a Facebook frenzy or start tweeting to the universe you need to assess where you are at and what resources you have and then benchmark that against best practices inside and outside of your industry. It is very important to assess your readiness to launch into the social media space and what you will need to do to really benefit from the process. Strategy / Road Map Social media is an investment of both your time and reputation. If this is a course of action your firm has decided to take, it needs just as much attention to detail paid to a marketing presentation that you would give to an analyst or investment bankers. Equipping Now that you have a plan you need to equip your team with the rules of engagement and the how-to knowledge of using social media technologies. This should also include a corporate social media policy and guidelines, and most importantly, a corporate disclosure policy for employees, directors, officers and consultants. Activation Most social media tools are free or nearly free. Social media is in its gold rush phase and there are lots of people selling picks and shovels. Yes…you need a blog, well branded Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube profiles — but you don’t need to pay big agency fees or spend a lot of money on expensive software. Yes…jump in with both feet but realize that social media is an earned media and anyone telling you that you can buy an audience is just plain wrong. Launching If you build it they will come (WRONG!). Launching properly is about having an integrated online and offline marketing and communications strategy to draw the right people to your blog(s) and social networking/media profiles. It is not complicated, but it does need to be coordinated. If implemented effectively, social media can be a great tool to level the playing field for public companies who have to continually compete for space and place to tell their story. Contact and just let us know YOU WANT TO GO SOCIAL! (From the following original post:

Why the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (Deutsche Boerse)

Why the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (Deutsche Boerse) Many readers have asked why list on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, especially as foreign non-German companies. Many of those people are surprised to learn over 89% of the exchange is foreign listed companies, of which there is a vast network of global investors looking at new listings and new potential such as your firm. In bullet points though, the basic answers to that question include: Simple and cost efficient capital market access (cheaper to list) First Quotation Board, Entry Standard, General Standard and Prime Standard offer low admission and listing fees and the fastest admission process worldwide (fast to list) High market integrity and transparency enhance confidence of investors (strong investors) Electronic network in modern primary markets allows direct access to global investors Peer group visibility and low cost of capital Large and reputable peer group with listing alongside global brands (Your name beside the Majors or as a Major) Selection of sector indices and unique media visibility enhance investor awareness Lowest cost of capital and positive primary market sentiment (Green Energy, Mining, Pharma, etc) Strong liquidity (Be able to sell shares) Integrated product portfolio facilitates hedging, trading and arbitrage strategies Low transaction costs and highest trading activity in Europe attract investors Professional guidance and support I-POint: various information and services supporting issuers and candidates Deutsche Börse Listing Partner: financial markets experts Access to 120 million investor viewers on the stock exchange website Raise Capital, Enjoy Liquidity, Keep Costs Lower than on Any Other Exchange, such as TSX, ASX, or US Markets. Don’t hesitate to contact to see if your firm qualifies. List within a 3-6 week period. Let us prepare documentation for you and hire the right team to complete your listing in the fastest possible time. FSE Listings Inc is the “only firm” focused on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange listing process that completes all of the Requirements of the company under one Service Agreement. FSE Listings Consortium has listed companies since 1996.Specializing in UK, US, EU, Canadian, Australian, Chinese, Philippines, Vietnamese, Thai, Indian, and Central American companies. A Few More Benefits To Consider Of Listing On The Frankfurt Exchange: Exit with a higher valuation World’s reference market for Green Tech, Alternative Energies, Automotive, High Tech Engineering, Software, Life Science Large investor base and affinity due to strong peers Valuation knowledge by industry specific analyst coverage Unsurpassed liquidity enable post IPO exit opportunities Most liquid international exchange (spreads, turnover velocity and zero trade ratio) No restriction on existing shareholder selling shares No lock-up period required under German law Flexibility of exit strategy Speed of listing and transaction process Anonymity of ordinary bearer shares No disclosure of major holdings’ capital movements required in the Entry Standard XETRA®– the electronic trading system of Deutsche Börse is a pioneer in Europe 254 international trading institutions admitted – more than 4,600 traders in 19 countries interlinked in a virtual listing and trading world No difference in listing and trading shares and DRs Location of investors and analysts does not really matter anymore, 63 % of Investors coming from abroad Accessible investor types: Sector, size and country Investors Your company profile on Deutsche Börse Website reach’s investors with over 120,000,000 page impressions a year 8 Motivations for an International Listing on Frankfurt 1. Investor Access & Valuation Access to the largest pool of UK, US, German and other international investors. Reach to sector specific investors by our pan-European trading network XETRA®. 248 trading institutions from 18 countries are directly connected. 2. Strategic fit & top branding Gain prestige and brand recognition by being listed alongside global market leaders such as Siemens, SAP, BASF, VW, Q-Cells, Qiagen. Strategic positioning alongside reputable peers and European M&A opportunities for entrepreneurs. 3. Sector Strength Strong investor focus of Deutsche Börse in Automotive, Renewables, Engineering, Life Sciences, Chemicals and Software/IT. High potential for better valuation through specialized sector analysts. 4. Visibility in Europe & index inclusion Inclusion in key indices like DAX International, MDAX, TDAX High visibility with first mover advantage for African companies in the regulated market. 5. Additional Liquidity Most liquid capital market compared to other exchanges, confirmed by a set of official studies (WFE, TU Munich, etc.). 6. Cost attractive Speedy process with balanced regulation for market access with fastest listing process. Lowest transaction costs and total floatation costs. 7. Speed to listing Listing on the unregulated market as fast as 3-6 weeks. The process is efficient and easy for entrepreneurs and venture companies. 8. Leverage of the Euro Currency Further economic studies show the rebound of the Euro currency. Speculation on currency returns could prove to be an additional increase in domestic shareholder value. Germany is the center of Europe for listing and a powerful catalyst for your business Europe’s largest economy with the largest consumer market facilitates a position within EU sales markets with 81.8 million. City of Frankfurt – The Home of the € The leading financial centre in continental Europe Euro share price and time zone offers compensation for EU employees European Central Bank, BaFin and Deutsche Börse No 1 Export nation worldwide Strategic and large M&A potential to acquire technology and new customers/ market shares A Listing delivers free marketing for your corporate development and builds a reputable partnership in the M&A scenery in Europe. Strongest Markets For Listing Deutsche Börse has the largest share of total capital raised in Alternative Energies, Chemicals and Software & IT among major European exchanges. Sector Strength of Listed Companies at Deutsche Börse + Strong Sector Peers indicate + Availability of industry specific Analysts and Investors ensure + Sector specific Valuation Know how and Understanding = Achieve a fair / best valuation Strongest Sectors: (According to the Deutsche Boerse) Alternative Energies & Green Tech Automobile & Suppliers HighTech Engineering & Machinery Life Science: Biotech, Medtech, Pharma & Healthcare Software & IT New Media Financial Services and Retail & Consumer Generate the most capital based on your true value: Get the attention of industry- specific analysts

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